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Local Groups

PHM members across the UK have in the past led on several successful local events and activities, often bringing together local organisations and community members to bring greater attention to denial of health rights or collaborating on activist platforms.

Several local members in Liverpool organised a local health assembly – ‘Building a progressive health movement in a time of cuts, extreme and mounting inequalities, social disadvantage and damage’. The inspiring event saw attendees testify to the struggles of many local communities around Merseyside and has been helpfully written up by some of the organisers here.

We would like to see local members pursuing more participatory action research, organise further local health assemblies or explore running health ‘hearings’ where local citizens testify to how health rights and injustices are affecting their community. These can be an inspiring way to bring galvanise and energise people in a common struggle and can work particularly well if local politicians are invited to attend.

If you would like support in starting up your own local group, or any help with arranging one of these hearings get in touch by contacting us.


Our regional branch of PHM in Europe is supported by our regional representative Chiara Bodini in Italy. You can follow updates from across the region on Twitter and on Facebook.

There are some exciting opportunities to get involved at the regional level in Europe, from joining their coordinating group to feeding in to observing the proceedings of the WHO Regional Committee each September, feeding these back to members at home and holding the WHO to account for their activities and strategies and the extent to which they seek to radically challenge the status quo in public health.


PHM Global runs a list-serv allowing members to exchange experiences, share educational materials, organise campaigns and inspire solidarity action with friends around the world. To find out more about the list-serv discussion group visit

Meanwhile you can read more about the history of PHM globally and review a wealth of different materials and guides to organising at

International People’s Health Universities are one particular activity in PHM-Global where attendees are provided a detailed insight and knowledge of neoliberalism, human rights, politics and public health alongside skills-development in campaigning, popular mobilisation and shaping the policy process.

Global Health Watch is a publication produced by PHM and is increasingly been seen as the main alternative to the World Health Report produced by the World Health Organisation. Inside it, authors and activists outline across various themes what the state of global health is in the present day, the determinants of various health injustices and how current institutions, both public and private, are contributing to such health crises.

WHO Watch is one particular global PHM activity allowing PHM members to help hold to account the proceedings of the World Health Organisation, at either its executive meetings throughout the year or its annual World Health Assembly in Geneva. Get in touch and let us know if you end up getting involved in any of the watching events.