UK People’s Health Assembly 2012

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The aim of the Assembly in Nottingham was to create a forum for individuals and organisations to come together to discuss the continued development of a ‘health movement’ in the UK. We invited a range of groups and stakeholders to come and participate in a big discussion about health, justice and the state of democracy – and how health and health equity provides an important and strategic platform for action. The Nottingham PHA was developed as a ‘mirror’ event, to coincide with the third global PHA being held in Cape Town from the 6th – 11th July.

The programme emphasised group interaction, which took many forms, including workshops, open space discussions, videos and podcasts, dramas. These were supported by inputs from speakers on the various topics, which were all based on the People’s Health Charter. We also made links with the PHA in Cape Town during the two days. Speakers included Allyson Pollock (prof. of public health, author NHS Plc.), John Lister (Director of Health Emergency), Tim Street (UK Uncut), Richard Taylor (doctor, former MP), Sarah Walpole (doctor, Climate and Health Council), and Roberto de Vogli (prof. of global health).

The Assembly ended with the development of a statement which has formed the basis for ongoing discussion as we develop and build the UK PHM and UK Health Manifesto.