Plans for Action! – Notes from PHM-UK Summer Open Meeting June 2013

This 15th June in London representatives from various progressive health organisations & activists met to discuss forming a national People’s Health Movement circle – with the intention going forwards to garner enthusiasm and support for a vibrant and effective grassroots health movement here in the UK.  Below are some of the highlights and actions – we’d welcome your feedback and look forward to building support with your help for an outspoken and dynamic movement for health and social justice.


Following the UK People’s Health Assembly in Nottingham last year, organisers of the assembly invited a range of organisations and others to an open meeting convened to discuss plans to formalise a partnership for movement-building for a UK People’s Health Movement.

Attendees ranged from senior representatives of health organisations to academics and campaigners.  All shared an enthusiasm to join forces in developing the UK health movement into a greater force to be reckoned with.

Full notes of the event are attached – in response to initial plans for PHM-UK to become a platform for education & training, advocacy and local hubs, attendees agreed the following.

Plan of Action for PHM-UK

  1. To invite a range of progressive health organisations to join PHM-UK in setting its direction, contributing to governance and pledging support to its participatory agenda
  2. To begin a national drive for public hearings – giving local communities an opportunity to tell their story of violations of health rights
  3. To reconvene at a further and hopefully even bigger UK People’s Health Assembly this December in Edinburgh, following the public hearings from across the UK
  4. To begin planning for the development of a progressive health manifesto – written through consultation with communities across the UK – to be used for lobbying in the 2015 parliamentary elections, backed up by evidence from a UK Health Watch

How to get involved?

Read the notes below and see the group planning pictures for more detail on what was discussed throughout the day.  If you would like to hear more or get involved why not:

  • Join our mailing list at!forum/uk-pha-organisers
  • Contribute to plans by e-mailing
  • Start a local group to hold a public hearing
  • Join our Facebook group at and follow us on Twitter at
  • Write a blog for PHM-UK

We look forward to collaborating together for a stronger and vibrant UK health movement!

Meeting details from PHM-UK Open Summer meeting

Notes from PHM-UK Open Meeting Saturday 15th June, London


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